Sheeter Moulder ITP-600 with 4 cylinders

Sheeter Moulder ITP-600 with 4 cylinders

The QUATTRO automatic moduler is a machine used for the production or rolled bread. It resolve the problem of those bakeries where the room is not enough, it is agreement between elegance and functionally. 

Main guarantee of this good functionally is the system at 4 cylinders, good for a progressive lamination of the dough, without ruin the final product. 

Technical features:

  • Feeding belt
  • 4 lamination cylinders
  • Automatic disengagement of the superior belt
  • Anti-discarding control
  • Returning device for the rolled pieces
  • Keyboard and electric instruments are in low tension

The machine is assembled on pirouette wheels. 

Technical details
Pezzature da 30 a 1800 gr
Absorption 0,75 Kw
Weight 200 Kg